Conor. I'm from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I'm 18. I'm hoping to move away, to study acting.

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I have no clue what i’m doing next year. Fuck.

I have been given a conditional offer to Central School of Speech and Drama for Musical Theatre, but i really don’t know if that’s what i want to do with my life as i would prefer a course in straight acting. Today i was rejected from the Royal¬†Conservatoire of Scotland for Acting, but i got through all the recalls and just didn’t get a place this year. I find it difficult because I have done really well for my first attempt at auditions but just not quite well enough… It is incredibly frustrating. I have got recalls for Central, East 15, RADA and RCS for acting but haven’t actually got in.

Perhaps the best thing to do is to work for a year? Like find acting jobs and work part-time, earn money and more importantly life and work experience. I guess i need to grow up now. That’s what scares me the most. I still feel like a very immature child. If that’s how i see myself then why would a drama school think of me any differently? Time to do some hard thinking.¬†

You leave tumblr for a few months, come back, and every 2nd post is about harry potter.